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December 14, 2011 / J2 Marketing

Children and Chiropractic

“We take our 1 year old daughter to ATC all the time. She always seems happier after her adjustment.” – Stephanie
Many parents struggle with taking their children to a chiropractor for various reasons. Some don’t think it will help their child, and others think it will actually hurt them. Some concern is legitimate when performing chiropractic care on children. Their bodies are more fragile than adults, and proper caution should be taken to ensure that no harm is done.

Both Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Lucterhand have more than enough training and experience to work with children in a safe and effective way.

When a child is brought into ATC for an adjustment, mom or dad is involved in the process. Young children (like the 1 year old in the photo) often don’t understand what is going on and may be scared. Mom or dad is there to comfort and hold them as the adjustment happens. ATC likes to schedule appointments for both the parents and the children back to back to help save time for the family.

There are many benefits to treating a child with Chiropractic care. If your child is sick, an adjustment can help relieve the irritations on the nerves, allowing the body to better heal itself, thus reducing the need for medication. This concept also applies to adults. It’s common for a child to seem very happy after a chiropractic adjustment. They may have had pain or discomfort, and no way to tell mom or dad. Aftering being adjusted (and possibly a good nap), it can change the child’s attitude completely.

Childbirth is a hard process for mom; it can be just as hard, or harder, for the baby. Bringing a newborn in just 2 weeks after birth can greatly decrease their chances of getting sick, as well as addressing subluxations that may have been formed during birth.

Have you considered bringing your child in for an adjustment? Would you rather expose them to medications early or allow the body to naturally heal itself? Consider the research from reliable sources and doctors like Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Lucterhand.

For more information about chiropractic for children, visit


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