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December 26, 2011 / amberwoodterracechiro

I got to thinkin’…..

Like most people over the holidays, I went to several family gatherings, participated in tons of festivities, and ATE at every single one!  As a doctor that emphasizes healthy nutrition, it can be tricky to manage the holiday feasts. Most of the time, meals include tons of sugar, breads, and dairy (none of which I eat!) without any fruits or vegetables. I try to manage by bringing my own homemade dishes, requesting vegetable dishes, or eating what I can.  The nutrition conversation often comes up and I hear many people expressing their desire to be healthy, have energy, and look amazing but feel as though they don’t have the willpower to take the necessary steps.  So, I was talking with a friend that follows very similar lifestyle habits and it got me thinkin’.  I have had so many nutrition patients say something like “I used to love those cookies, so I decided to have just one.  I wish I wouldn’t have because I got SO sick!”  Or “I couldn’t even eat it because it was TOO sweet!”  Taste buds change every 2 weeks, and therefore many people’s tastes also change as they begin to cut out sugar and processed foods.  Same thing goes for exercise.  The above picture is of myself working out at Crossfit Michiana with a group of people that were like the general public at one point and did not want to workout.  However, if any of those people had an injury that kept them from participating, they would be depressed!  Literally!  Movement is a nutrient, and it is essential!  It takes 90 days to form or break a habit.  If you are starting on healthy lifestyle changes after the holidays, give it 90 days minimum.  You may realize that you are craving fresh produce and wondering what the next workout will be!


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