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January 22, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Day 2: What Does Dr. Angela Eat at Sports Bars?

So, it’s time to reveal what I ate on Saturday.  I am going to place a disclaimer on locations for today because most of them revolved around birthday celebrations.  When someone has a birthday and requests a not-so-Paleo compliant place, you go.  You make the best choices you can, and eat more veggies the next day. 😉  Food should enhance your life, not restrict it.  You won’t always find yourself in places where healthy food is abundant.  These are the times when your essential supplements are even more crucial.  Thank goodness for my whole food supplement!  Here goes nothin’…..

Saturday morning I chose to sleep in, so we will start with brunch.

Brunch: black coffee, a grapefruit, coconut flour pancakes (I used the recipe from and substituted the coconut nectar with raw honey)

Snack: an orange, 2 strawberries while I was chopping them for the week

Lunch: garlic and rosemary red potatoes and sage/thyme chicken sausages topped with 2 eggs sunny side up

Snack: not sure if I would call it a snack but it fell during this time…so…it’s a snack.  There is a new microbrew that just opened up in Granger called Bare Hands Brewery.  I went to go check it out.  When you experience a new microbrew, you have to try the beer, right?  We ordered a flight, and I took a sip of all the beers they are producing right now.  My favorite was the Russian Imperial Stout.  Overall, I probably had a total of 12 ounces of beer among all the tastings.

Dinner: Wings Etc. was requested by the birthday boy.  So, I tried my best to find a healthy option that didn’t consist of plain lettuce.  I ordered the Chicken Bacon sandwich without the bun.  It came with fries.  There ya have it; that’s what Dr. Angela chose to eat amidst all the unhealthy options.

Snack: 4 85% dark chocolate squares

Anyone who has heard my nutrition talks knows how hard I hit home on the vegetable thing.  It’s obvious that I did NOT get enough veggies in my fuel tank today.  I am okay with that simply because this is a VERY RARE occasion, I will never be someone who keeps from doing things because of the food options that will be there, and I have my whole food supplement to back me up.  I encourage everyone to make healthy decisions with their food because the choices you make at home will be crucial when you consider the options outside the home.  Sunday will be back to normal, and my body will thank me for it!



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  1. Cathy Anderson / Jan 24 2012 1:17 pm

    Gotta put Wings right up there with Between the Buns! Yuck!

    • drangelalucterhand / Jan 24 2012 2:28 pm

      Amen, sister! Did what I had to do….

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