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February 13, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Grocery bags: eco-friendly AND stylish

 I write so many posts about food, but I never really talk about what I use to bring my food home!  Reuseable grocery bags are something that are a great way to express your personality while being earth-friendly at the same time.  Most of the time, reuseable grocery bags aren’t much to write home about, but I found a local woman that changes that whole idea!  The company name is Bagsy; you can visit the website at to see all the colors, sizes, and custom options for bags that fit your style.  They are made out of indoor/outdoor fabric, so they are super durable!  I have multiple sets, always have some in my car, and occasionally use them to throw gym clothes in, as well!

I recently went to the grocery store, and one week’s worth of groceries typically fits in 4 bags.  So, I took a picture of one of the bags and here is what I had inside:

a bunch of celery

a bag of apples

4 avocados

package of brussel sprouts

bar of dark chocolate

a bunch of bananas

2 bell peppers

fresh ginger

1 lb container of spinach (which fit in the bottom perfectly!)

There are some cities where there simply aren’t plastic or paper grocery bags anymore.  People must bring their own bags to the store in those cities and my guess is that many towns will be following suit.  Also, summer time is an awesome time to hit up the farmer’s markets and what would you do without a bag to carry home all your loot?!



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  1. Terry Doyle / Feb 17 2012 5:09 pm

    Thanks for the Bagsy shout-out. Bagsy is celebrating their 1st Anniversary with a sale. 10% of all bags. Shop via or Etsy shop “theBagsy”.


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