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March 11, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Workout 12.3

Workout 3 was more like a regular workout at the gym in the sense that it has been our first workout with more than one movement! The weighted movement was once again the part I struggled with. However, we had so many athletes at the gym that really impressed me. I was lucky enough to be counting for Traci when she cleaned 75lbs for the first time in order to get through her push presses! Also, there has been one little lady that I’ve been paired up with in quite a few workouts that has impressed the heck out of me….Debbie. She is old enough to be in the masters division but is required to do the same weights as the rest of us. No need to compare her to older folks! Heaven forbid, she kicked MY butt in this last workout. I love Debbie to death and when she came up to me after the workout and asked how I did, I couldn’t help see the smile on her face after I told her my reps. I looked at her, smiled back, and said “you beat me, didn’t you?” She shook her head “yea” and I had to give her huge props. She has been knocking out the workouts in a way that makes me take notice, and it definitely inspires me to push harder. I am notorious for not really pushing through the tough moments, but I need to step up my game in order to meet the standard these women are setting. Next week is another opportunity for ANYONE to kick butt!


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