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March 18, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Workout 12.4

I could not decide what picture to post for this week’s blog, so I decided on two.  I think this is a good picture of what went on Friday night at the gym.  The first picture of me resting, gassed beyond belief, with my little angel (Carole) standing behind me whispering countdowns every time she decided my rest was over!  It was funny looking back through the pictures because I begin in a standing rest with my hands holding the ball.  I shortly progress to bent over rest with my chest and hands against the ball.  Lastly, I end up resting with the side of my face smashed against the very weight I have been throwing up for the 10 minutes prior….too tired to even hold it with my hands.  This workout was definitely no walk in the park.  My legs are still hurting today, and my patients will probably question my walk when I see them on Monday!  However, I pushed myself in this one.  I had a whisper coming from behind me saying “3-2-1…let’s go”  every single time I needed a break.  I wanted to tell that whisper to “you know what,” but I didn’t.  It was time for me to push through and take on the challenge.  Oddly enough, through all the screaming and other athletes, all I could hear was that stupid whisper.  Carole is probably cracking up right now if she is reading this because it is SO true…she was literally whispering among all the chaos.  Who knows how on earth I could hear her, but I think it has much to do with focus.  We often hear what we WANT to hear, and that day, I wanted to hear that little push.  That little push is what makes you perform feats that you wouldn’t have pushed yourself to accomplish.  My goal was to finish the wall balls in under 10 minutes because that would leave me with 2 minutes to complete the double unders.  That should’ve been more than enough time to finish 90; however, my legs were shot.  I gave the wall balls all I had and it showed in the double unders.  I was able to complete 68 of the 90 before time was up, but they were definitely the ugliest double unders I’ve ever done in my life!  There was no finesse, no timing, no coordination, just sheer will.

There is one more workout to go, and my guess is that there will be a pull up involved.  Just a guess.  I welcome it.  Pullups are a strength of mine, and I could use a workout like this week to help me push myself.  Until next week!


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