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March 27, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Health Insurance: Your Best Bet

Health Insurance
The other day, I was talking to someone about how much health insurance costs each month. I feel as though I just heard an ‘Amen’ from everyone reading this. 😉 I pay a relatively low fee every month for my health insurance because I intend on using health insurance for what it is: disease/trauma insurance. If for some reason I needed to go to the ER and have my life saved after a car accident or something, I would want some coverage. Let’s be honest, medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. However, it doesn’t do much for me beyond that point.
I want everyone to consider something: why are you spending so much on health insurance? Is your health insurance reducing the cost of organic produce, your gym membership, or ANYTHING that actually increases your level of health? To ensure that you remain healthy or bring yourself back towards health, it requires funds for things that are not covered by current health insurance plans. Imagine how different our health picture may look if we invested that money in things that actually make us healthier! If you add up the cost of a gym membership (although exercise outdoors and at home is completely free!), a monthly massage or chiropractic visit, and the additional cost for organic food, you would be money ahead in monthly expenses if you compare it to your current health insurance premium. Not only would you have money in your budget to do the essentials to promote health, but you would save money in the future because you would be eliminating the need for medications, weight loss gimmicks, surgeries, etc. You would be healthy!
Insurance has always been meant for catastrophic events. Think about it, does your home insurance cover eaves cleanings and painting? Does your car insurance cover getting your oil changed? Does your life insurance cover your gym membership? Absolutely not! So why would we EVER consider using health insurance for maintaining health?! Prevention and maintenance are key in the future outcome of how anything will hold up. The only difference here is that you can always buy a new car or house, you can never simply replace your body.
Some more food for thought as we head into April. I am putting on yet another nutrition class April 12th and 19th for anyone interested in WHAT to eat for ideal gene expression, HOW to make that transition, and WHY certain foods express health. I have people thank me after every single class. I don’t think they thank me because I made them feel special; they thank me because knowledge is power people. I am not selling any gimmicks, products, or crazy diets. It has been part of my mission since being a student that I would educate as many people as I could possibly reach about the tools to enhance their quality of life. I guess kind of like the whole teach a man to fish concept. Call me crazy, but I love every minute of it! If you know anyone that could benefit from hearing the message, feel free to invite them! Have them call the office at 574-522-2255. They must RSVP because I only have so many spots in each class and a head count is essential when I am making Paleo treats the night before!


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