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April 16, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Navigating the Weekend: Meals and Prep

This photo is of a box of chicory.  Chicory is the root of an endive plant, and is naturally caffeine free!  We were talking about possible coffee substitutions in nutrition class, and I had mentioned chicory.  I was walking through the aisles at Martin’s Supermarket, and there it was….so I had to take a picture for Deb.  I do not recommend drinking decaf coffee because the chemical process that it goes through to take the caffeine out is highly toxic.  If you can’t handle the caffeine in regular cup of joe, chicory may be your answer.

Anyway, I told the nutrition folks that I would blog my food journal since I was having them record theirs.  I have to admit that starting on the weekend was a little difficult because it is not an accurate description of what my days usually look like.  So, there will be things listed that are off the strict paleo list, but I assure you that we will cover them in this week’s class! 😉


Breakfast: black organic coffee, piece of almond flour coffee cake (left over from Thursday nutrition class), and a pint of organic strawberries (remember the dirty dozen!)

Lunch: 4 eggs w/2 handfuls of spinach, 1 portobello mushroom cap, 1 red bell pepper, balsamic vinegar, Italian spices and 2 squares 85% dark chocolate

Dinner: half a chicken and a larabar, 2 glasses red wine

Snack: banana


Brunch: apple cinnamon coconut flour pancakes with bacon and black coffee

Dinner: Sushi, seaweed salad, and sake  (white rice will be covered Thursday!)

Snack: 1 leftover pancake


Breakfast: 5 leftover pancakes, 2 eggs, black coffee

Snack: pumpkin muffin (almond flour is the base)

Lunch: Tuna salad on jicama

Dinner: New York strip with onion and mushrooms, mashed cauliflower, 2 squares dark chocolate

*all the meat listed above is free range, grassfed, organic

I also wanted to take a moment to share with you a little bit of my Sunday because that is when all of my prep for the week happens.  When things are prepped and easy to grab, success is SO MUCH easier!!!

Sunday, I mapped out my schedule for the week.  It’s going to be a busy one because Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I won’t be home until around 9PM.  I can’t imagine what I would grab if I came home at 9PM without a plan!  So, I planned to have quick, easy meals this week, and some of that “quick and easy” comes from what I do ahead of time.  So, I ran to the store and picked up any items for those nights that I did not already have.  I came home and spent 2 hours prepping, baking, and storing.  Here is what I got accomplished in those 2 hours:

Hulled strawberries and put them in containers for easy grabbing

Peeled and sliced jicama and put in containers for easy grabbing

Made homemade granola and put in container for easy grabbing (just nuts, spices, coconut, coconut oil, dried fruit baked)

Made paleo pumpkin muffins for easy breakfast-on- the-go option

Made tuna salad for a quick snack option (high in protein and goes great on jicama, apple, cucumber, or lettuce)

Made spaghetti squash noodles so they will be ready for spaghetti later in the week

I may have forgotten a couple things, but that is the bulk of those 2 hours.  Now I have accessible, quality food, that won’t require a ton of my time this week since I won’t really have any!  On top of the things that require prep, I have an abundance of fresh produce that I can easily grab as snacks… all the prepped things are just bonus and add variety. Make life easy for yourself during the week by prepping.  Healthy eating does not mean 2 hour meals every night!  I promise!



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  1. Alana Woodworth / Apr 16 2012 3:13 pm

    Dr. Angela – thank you for all your tips & for helping keep Paleo realistic & doable. I’ve been doing well so far but now tonight I’m supposed to go to the Essenhaus for a banquet! Thought about eating before I go but thought that might be rude… I’m going to need some will-power to pass up on the homemade rolls & pie.

    • drangelalucterhand / Apr 16 2012 4:59 pm

      Not willpower! You just need to be realistic about your goals. 😉 Is your goal to be healthy? If the answer is “yes,” then remind yourself that rolls and pies probably don’t help you get there. It’s easier to resist when you remind yourself that certain choices are not congruent with something that is important to you. No one has ever woken up the next day wishing they hadn’t eaten that fruit. There have been plenty of people who have had regrets about pie. 😉

    • drangelalucterhand / Apr 16 2012 5:15 pm

      Also, there are ALWAYS meat and veggie options at restaurants! Piece of cake. 😉

  2. drangelalucterhand / Apr 17 2012 12:50 pm

    Alana, I’m dying to here how your night out went! What did you eat?!

  3. Steve Peer / Apr 20 2012 8:47 am

    I have also used a coffee substitute, Teeccino. It comes in several flavors and is readily available. In addition to no caffeine, it is non-acidic, helping to keep the body in a healthier alkaline state.

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