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April 30, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Who doesn’t love their momma?! You have to admit that your mom has a huge part in who you are, where you are, and how much support you had along the way. So, Mother’s Day is an awesome way to show your appreciation for everything she has done. However, what do you get your mom? Some people find this to be a hard day to shop for. I seem to think it’s a rather easy day to shop for because I am close with my mom and think of a million things that I want to get her, and I then have to choose…which is the hard part for me! So, from a health practitioner’s perspective, what are the best ways to celebrate mom without promoting bad habits? Here are my Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage?! Mom is the most deserving of one! Not only are there therapeutic benefits to massage, but there is a huge component that relaxes the mind, decreases stress, and let’s mom focus on herself for a moment. Most businesses that offer massage therapy have specials for Mother’s Day, so check out your local chiropractic offices, salons, and massage parlors. I know that we personally are having a Buy 1, get 1 1/2 off special. Call if you are interested in a gift certificate! 574-522-2255.

2. Natural Perfume

I know a lot of women love to wear fragrance. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to smell good!? However, many perfumes have toxic chemicals in them and when applied directly to the skin, they can be detrimental to Mom’s health. So, I love the brand Lavanila. You can readily find it at Sephora or Amazon. The company uses all natural essential oils to create their signature scents.

3. Photo Calendar

This is a gift that keeps on giving…for 12 months to be exact. If you go a local Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart, Target, or an online photo company, you can upload photos to create a personalized calendar. Every month, Mom gets to relive a silly moment, remember what an awesome child she has, or be proud of you!

4. Bagsy

I featured these bags in a prior blog post. They are eco-friendly, reusable grocery bags that can also be used as totes. These bags have proved to be stylish and functional. I use mine all the time to haul stuff to the gym, bring home paperwork, or bring to the farmer’s market! Check out to check out recent styles.

5. Cookbook

Food brings people together and what better way to enhance the dining experience than to introduce new flavors to the mix?! Obviously, I am going to tell you that a Paleo or Primal cookbook would be the best option because the recipes will be completely new to even the most experienced cook. In addition, these cookbooks will be friendly foods for those who are body conscious, struggling with illness, or those with food allergies! For someone starting out, I enjoy “Everyday Paleo” by Sara Fragoso, and for the more advanced, I enjoy “Paleo Comfort Foods.”

6. Dinner

Now that my mind is on food, let’s stay there for a minute. Taking Mom out to eat is a great way to have time together, talk, and no one has to clean up dishes! If you are feeling more adventurous or want Mom to experience how good Paleo food can be, cook at home! Make a 3 course meal, including dessert; Mom will love the food, you will be enhancing her health, and nothing says “I love you” like slaving away in the kitchen. 😉 A little effort goes a long way! If you choose to go out, take her to a place where she can choose comfortable food that has interesting flavor profiles in addition to QUALITY choices! We all know that I am a huge fan of Temper Grille, Uptown Kitchen, and Corndance.

7. Yoga Classes

I have definitely suckered my mom into going to yoga classes with me. 😉 It does double duty. It gets you to your yoga classes, gives you time with Mom, and increases both of your health! It’s relaxing, challenging, and can be very approachable for the novice. I will say that Zumba works the same way: get your booty out there and dance! For the more adventurous mom, try out Crossfit!!!!

8. Potted Plant

I try and get gifts that keep on giving. If you get an awesome pot with an herb in it, not only are you getting something decorative, you are contributing to meals that Mom will prepare using that herb. They are easy to grow inside, but if she chooses to plant it outdoors, then get one that comes back every year. She will never forget who it came from. 😉 If she isn’t the culinary type, go with a flower that will come back yearly and be a constant reminder that she is loved!

9. Wine Club Membership

If Mom likes a good glass of wine, there’s no better way to let her taste wine from all over without standing at the store for hours! Wine will show up at her doorstop for however many months you choose. She can enjoy new flavors, get a little health benefit from the resveratrol, and maybe she’ll invite you over for a glass over dinner!

10. Book

Reading is something that not many people take time for anymore, but it is a great way to keep the mind sharp, get lost from the day’s stress, and enhance imagination. Obviously, every reader is a little different. So, I encourage you to choose a book that you love, that you think would be up Mom’s alley, or one that comes highly recommended. Some of my favorite books have been ones that I would have never picked up myself. Being the health nut that I am, I love all of Michael Pollan’s books; however, I’ve been known to get stuck staying up too late reading a thrilling novel, too. Currently, I am reading Shantaram by Roberts. (Not far enough to endorse it, but got some stunning reviews…and I’m always a sucker for those based on a true story that seems too crazy to be true!)

These are just ideas. 😉 You know your Mom better than I do, but I encourage you to put some thought into what might resonate with her. I love a gift with a personal touch; it shows you care, took time, and thought about what would make someone else happy. 😉


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