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May 23, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Condition with the Chiro: The Aftermath


Well, hopefully those that made it to Condition with the Chiro last weekend at Crossfit Michiana aren’t still sore! The picture to the left is of me doing wheel barrels with my mom.  I’m pretty sure I ended up pulling down her pants in the process.  However, she had fun. 😉  That leads me to my post.  Before last Saturday, my mom came up to me and said “Ang, I can’t do push ups, I can’t do pull ups, I can’t squat, I can’t run; what the h*ll am I going to do?”  You can all see me smiling because guess what we had to do in our workout?  Push ups, Pull ups, Squats, Running, and so much more!  Guess who made it through the entire workout….and survived?!  My mom!  She did every single activity in some form or another.  I’m super proud of her for showing up, giving it her best, and trying everything.  She learned a few things after Saturday: she needs to start moving again! 😉  I love you, mom!

Pam, Diana, Jarod, Amy, Stephanie, Sara, Michelle, Stephan, and Lana…you guys did an awesome job, and I hope Saturday showed you exactly what you are capable of and where you could improve in your current fitness routine.   I encourage you to check out the pictures on Crossfit Michiana’s facebook page!  If you have any desire to return, you know where to find me!



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