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June 25, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Wait! Don’t Throw That Away!


So, I had a wonderful vacation hanging out with friends and doing all sorts of stuff outdoors.  I get back home and the first thing I do is go out to the garden to see what’s been happening since I have been away.  Can I say “weeds?!”  I bend down to pull a few weeds, and I notice something.  I am pulling up all these weeds that look familiar.  I joined a CSA with Rise Up Farms this year, and we are a few weeks in.  The very first week that I received my produce, there were several things inside the basket that I did not recognize: poor man’s pepper and lamb’s quarters to name a couple.  I thought “Hmmm.  I’m a pretty good cook, I’ll figure out what to do with them.”  I ended up making a pesto out of the lamb’s quarters because you can substitute it for spinach in many recipes.  Turned out fairly tasty.  Fast forward to me getting back from vacation.  Here I am, spending hours pulling up these weeds, but I am paying for someone else to grow me those very plants!  I was pulling up lamb’s quarters the entire time!  You HAVE to be kidding me!

So, I am dedicating this post to all the things that you might think are useless and throw away even though they actually have value!

This picture featured is lamb’s quarters.  Next time you go to pull this nutritious weed, place it in a basket to take inside and eat!

Egg shells:  Who knew?!  Don’t throw these suckers away!  Save them, crush them, and incorporate them into the soil in your garden.

Coffee/Coffee grounds:  Plants LOVE coffee!  The grounds can also lend great things to the soil.  Put them in your garden soil.

Strawberry tops:  With strawberry season coming to a close, you better be stocking up if you want to freeze them for the winter.  Freezing tons of strawberries also means cutting the tops off.  I freeze the tops and use them as dog treats all year round.  The puppies love them!

Meat bones:  Save them!  Freeze them!  Make your own stock with them!  Much more nutritious than store bought varieties, and stock is super simple to make.  Heat your bones in a crockpot for a day or two with water, herbs, and the tops of onions, carrots, etc.

Vegetable trimmings:  Use to flavor stock.  See above. 😉

Broccoli stalks, asparagus ends, and other parts you may discard:  JUICE, JUICE, JUICE!

Bacon grease:  Place in an aluminum can and use to make your next batch of eggs.  (Remember bacon is rad?!)

Egg cartons: Donate them to a chicken farmer and use them for your egg pickup!

Plastic grocery bags: Use them to cover the trash portion of your juicer.  Makes for easier clean up when you’re running late.

Dandelion greens:  Add them to your salad!

These are a few things that I thought of off the top of my head that many people throw away unnecessarily.  It’s all about using the earth for nutrition and giving back as many nutrients as we can.  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.



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  1. HattieBelle / Jun 26 2012 9:13 am

    Really interesting. I still don’t know if I would eat the plant pictured. But, maybe I need to reconsider what I’ve been doing with the dandelions I find in my yard?

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