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July 18, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Homemade Updates


I thought I would put in a little post, or update if you will, on some of the homemade things I’ve done this month.  First of all, the ice cream I made was gone in one sitting but it was easy enough that I’ve made it again!  You know it’s easy if I repeat it in a week time span.  I’m starting to experiment with flavors; this time I did blueberry lemon and I have strawberry basil on the mind.  Mmmm.  Guilt free my friends.

As far as my chicken stock is concerned, I’ve used it as a base to roasted veggie soup and I am almost through 3 containers of it.  I would say that I probably remake my stock every few weeks.  Keeps my stock up and gives me more chicken to use in other dishes.  Perfect.

I have been shaking up both of my extracts every so often and smelling them.  My mint extract smells a bit like mouthwash, and the vanilla extract still smells a lot like Vodka with a vanilla note.  I still have 6 weeks to go for those things, but all is well thus far.  At least no major disasters that is. 😉

I hope somebody has tried some of the recipes!  You won’t go back to buying them; I promise.

Also, my next post will be Larabars…so many flavors…so little time.

I am dragging my feet on the fermented products (yogurt and sauerkraut) probably for the same reasons everyone else does: it seems so time consuming and complicated!  However, I told myself that I was going to give every single thing a fair shot.  So, I will be homemaking coconut milk yogurt and sauerkraut next week. 😉



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