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August 20, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Eggs: The Perfect Food

When it comes to eating clean and taking a Paleo approach, I often get the response from patients “Paleo is SO expensive!”  To some extent I agree.  You have to choose quality of food as a priority.  I would rather pay an extra dollar per pound of meat than spend those dollars down the road on disease treatment.  Call it an investment in disease prevention…aka health insurance. 😉  Not to mention, I feel good knowing that I am supporting the farmers that treat their animals humanely, feed them species appropriate diets, and let them mature in a normal time frame.  But that’s just me.  If you haven’t ordered yet, I encourage you to visit to order QUALITY meat products!  Ok, now I’m off my tangent.  I want to come back to the whole expense thing.  Paleo eating styles avoid processed grains and beans which cuts out a lot of the filler stuff people are used to eating.  I box of pasta can feed a family for pennies.  A box of macaroni and cheese costs less than an apple!  However, eggs are protein/nutrient powerhouses, and even the cage free, organic variety can feed you for dirt cheap!

One of the topics I have been wanting to blog about is eggs.  The reason it popped on my radar is because I was cooking some eggs one night and was admiring how deep orange the yolk was.  Shortly following that moment, my brother started cooking something for dinner next to me and he also had eggs.  Hmmm….when he broke his egg into the skillet, the yolk was so much paler!  I instantly thought “this is exactly what people need to see!  They need to physically SEE the difference in quality of foods!”  Sometimes it’s so much easier to buy the lesser quality when all you see if the price tag.  But I am here to tell you, you pay for your nutrients; if your eggs, butter, liver, meat, etc is cheaper, there is a reason.  I have recently been taking nutrition courses online (I told you that I research constantly and am forever questioning things!).  One of the topics we went over recently was the difference in food quality….and she beat me to the punch!  She took a picture of 3 eggs from different sources.  The one on the left is a pastured egg, the one in the middle is simply just organic (which means the chicken eats organic feed, not necessarily outside of a cage), and the right is the basic grocery store egg.  BAM!  A difference you can see.  She did the same thing with butter.  Butter should be YELLOW, indicating that the cow ate GRASS!  When you choose the pale, beige butter, you are lacking tons of the fat soluble vitamins that makes butter so healthy.

Call me crazy, but I’ll pay the extra dollar….

Ways I use my eggs:

1. Make scrambled eggs

2. Use as a facial mask…instant face lift!  for pennies!

3. Crush the shells and use as fertilizer in my garden.

4. Make quiche

5. Make zucchini bread (remember each loaf took 8!)

6. Use as the protein in your smoothie (raw….make sure they are pastured in this case!)

7. Hard boil them as a snack that’s full of protein

8. Use as your go-to when you have NO TIME to make dinner…they take seconds!

9. Have fun with your kids and play an egg toss….the egg did just cost pennies…cheap entertainment

10. Make deviled eggs (paleo style) for your next party!



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