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September 16, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Paleo on the Road: Business Travel

I can’t take credit for the photo but I decided to use it because my photo would’ve looked very similar if I took one! I had to be out of town this weekend at conferences. This means sitting all day long, being served not-even-close-to-Paleo food, and long drive times. This is not very congruent with my health beliefs. So, I wanted to share what I do to make it work for me. I had a patient tell me they would be traveling for the beginning of a Paleo nutrition challenge, so I thought this may be helpful for those in that boat, too.
So, the first thing I think about is what food I’m going to pack for trips like this. I never have a fridge in my room, so I have to get creative. The easiest thing to pack would be larabars or nuts. However, I feel as though these things aren’t very filling to me and I tend to overeat them, leaving myself feeling heavy and sluggish. It usually takes me a week to get back to ‘normal’ from that feeling. Therefore, I did not pack any nuts or date bars. I did pack….
Hard boiled eggs
Cooked bacon
Cherry tomatoes
Ground cherries
Paleo zucchini bread (pulled a half loaf out of the freezer…so convenient!)
A bell pepper
An avocado
Dark chocolate bar

I head out of town, coffee in hand, and well fed. I always leave for trips with food in my belly. I get to eat food I like, food that is quality, I avoid fast food options, and it saves money! I get to the hotel and change immediately into workout clothes. I dread the drive because my butt usually goes numb within the first hour. Working out helps get rid of that wrestles syndrome that infects my glutes and back. I felt great getting in the car but I was quickly reminded of my deadlift workout the day before because boy was my low back stiff getting out of the car! It’s a good reminder why I tell patients not to sit for too long when they have low back issues! (and it was actually my legs and butt that were sore going into the ride)
The gym at the hotel is a tiny room packed with treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, dumbbells, medicine balls, and a couple benches. I warmed up with short jogs, pushups, and squats. After warmed up, I did rounds of one arm power dumbbell snatches, pistol squats, and burpees followed by a 2 minute run carrying a 10lb medicine ball. Gotta use what you’ve got. I keep it short because sleep is just as important, but movement is crucial after all that static sitting. After the workout, I had 2 eggs and some bacon….followed by a couple squares of chocolate.
The next morning comes too quickly, but I head down to the conference knowing there will be a table full of bagels, muffins, donuts, fruit, and juice. If I relied on this, I would die of hunger! I definitely don’t want to die of hunger, so I brought a banana down with me and ate zucchini bread with ghee. Ghee is nice because it does not have to be refrigerated….score! Of course they have coffee.
Lunch roles around and the presentation that morning was on nutrition. Lots of people are eating salad because they feel guilty. I need more substance than lettuce. So, I load my plate with the sautéed veggies and multiple chicken breasts. Everyone bashfully looks toward the dessert table. They all want it but feel totally guilty given the body ph lecture. I whip out my zucchini bread w/ghee, share a little with a Crossfit friend, and end lunch with a huge smile. (no chocolate cake needed)
Dinner is always out at nice restaurants, so I don’t find issues ordering veggies and meat.
The next morning, breakfast all over again. Thank goodness for zucchini bread! This time I eat some bacon, too. Then I start getting hungry and have to snack on cherry tomatoes.
Finally, sitting is over and now I have to eat lunch. They give you a few options for lunch and all of them have bread….except the plate full of lettuce. I’m a growing girl….I need more than rabbit food. So, I order the bacon, turkey club without the bread, cheese, or mayo. This leaves me with turkey, tomato, lettuce, and bacon. I whip out my bell pepper and avocado. I stuff my pepper halves with avocado and put the rest on my open face sandwich. I no longer care if people look at me strange. They bring everyone chocolate cake after their lunch except for me. Thanks for keeping me from temptation. 🙂 After the meeting, I’m off to go home. 3 more hours in the car, but I made it the entire weekend without eating a single grain product! All it took was making sure I had other options. I ended up bringing home a few of the eggs and cherry tomatoes. However, I ate everything else. Nothing I brought needed refrigeration, nothing came with a label. It was all quality food that I enjoy, and I did not leave the weekend feeling heavy….or guilty.
Successful Paleo on the road. Be prepared and you have no excuse to grab crappy food!



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