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October 9, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Homemade Nut and Fruit Balls

I am about to be that annoying ‘cook’ that teases your taste buds with amazing sounding food but then tells you they don’t measure anything….:/ I’ll just apologize now. Anyway-I have many amazing friends doing this whole Lurong challenge (and they are doing awesome!), but I can’t help think about what I would do if I were on their challenge. A: I like butter too much to give it up! B: The more restriction I place on my already Paleo habits, the more I think about things that I normally don’t even eat! That’s beside the point. I was stuck in the kitchen all morning trying to transform my 88 tomatoes into fermented salsa and my mind sort of wandered away from salsa and onto homemade larabar balls. Needless to say, I made 3 jars of salsa, left the rest of the tomatoes on the counter, and began to concoct larabar balls that I thought would taste like heaven.
Like I mentioned, this train of thought sort of began with those challenge people in mind, so the first one I came up with was a lemon-ginger-coconut ball. Here’s the annoying part because I didn’t measure or write anything down. It’s worth sharing anyway.

Lemon-ginger-coconut larabar balls
Zest from one lemon
Juice from one lemon
Zested ginger
Pinch of salt
Shredded coconut
I put all of it in the food processor until it hit the ball-making consistency, and made larabar balls!

Then my mind wandered onto a conversation I had with a patient yesterday about butter pecan ice cream. This is my dad’s favorite, so I have contemplated on several occasions trying to make a coconut milk version. During my research, I found out that there really is butter in that ice cream. I love butter! Don’t know why I was thinking about that today, but I thought butter pecan larabar. How would I do that? Of course! Ghee! Shelf stable so no refrigeration required.

Butter pecan larabar balls
Couple globs of ghee
Pinch of salt (although next time I would leave this out….I might have gotten salty sweet happy)
Little bit of vanilla extract

Do you see how quickly this went from things compliant with the Lurong challenge to those that are definitely not on your list? 😉 Once again, I apologize for teasing you and be annoying with no measurements. Let’s take it one ball further. Since I was dreaming about ice cream flavors, mint chocolate chip was next.

Mint chocolate larabar balls
Mint extract
Cocoa powder
Enjoy life chocolate chunks

I made the ball portion first, then pushed a chocolate chunk into the top.



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