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December 12, 2012 / amberwoodterracechiro

Ready to Step Up Your Meat Quality?!

grass-fed-beefQuality matters when we are talking about animal products.  If you are consuming products derived from sick animals, those products are probably contributing to you being sick, as well.  Animals that eat what they were supposed to eat (which was determined by nature and not by us!) are inherently happier, healthier, and an actual contribution to the flow of nature!

With that being said, there are several ways you can get a hold of quality meat products.  I have mentioned Honored Prairie in a blog post before.  They are a co-op of farms that have a drop off every month in Middlebury and South Bend (and other places).  The Middlebury drop site is on a Tuesday morning.

The problem many patients were having with Honored Prairie’s drop off was timing!  How can I pick it up if I’m at work ,etc.  So, I was approached by a farm called Hopeful Farms, which runs out of Ligonier, IN about providing our office with ORGANIC, GRASSFED, PASTURED products including raw dairy.  The process is simple.  It is a $25 yearly membership fee that allows you to order any products from their list that you want and pick them up bi-weekly. You can order as little or as much as you desire!  You don’t necessarily have to order for every drop either, just as needed.  Bam, that’s it.  Being organic is kind of a big deal because it is not very often you can find pastured animal products that are ALSO organic.  That means the grass they eat has not been sprayed with chemicals, yada yada.  So, since I am so passionate about getting quality meat into my patients, I want to start giving them access that is convenient for them (or as convenient as I can make it).  Starting in January, we will be taking orders from people to start up our new relationship with Hopeful Farms!  I will have a price list posted, and I want everyone that is thinking about taking that quality leap to consider ordering (even just a few items) in efforts to make this important health transition.  OK, having said that, I am doing this for YOU GUYS!  I want this to be as convenient as possible for the majority of interested parties.  I need anyone interested to tell me the best times and days for pick up.  Patients can also make it convenient by scheduling an appointment around the pick up time, too!

I am super excited about this for a couple reasons.  A: it is organic….pastured products. B: it supports local farms doing it the way nature intended. C: I have access to the farm and can see with my own 2 eyes what is going on over there! D: they have so many things to offer!  They have beef, pig, chicken, organs, things to make stock, homemade kombucha, apple cider vinegar, raw cream, milk, cheeses….and the list goes on.

If you have any interest whatsoever in the quality of your animal products, this is the time to make it convenient for you.  It will make your family and you healthier! Call us at 574-522-2255 for inquiries or interest! Start the new year with improving you health.



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