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January 14, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Nutrition Class and All the Goodies

al fresco 1Last week began another round of nutrition class.  Every class is a little different, but one thing that is never different is me posting my food right along with my students.  Since class is Thursday night, that’s where I will start.  That also means that my log is beginning with the weekend which isn’t a big deal, but it is usually where the atypical happens (if it’s going to happen).  This weekend was no exception because I was crazy busy…but that’s no excuse.   Everyone is crazy busy and therefore, this may be a decent example of what to do in crazy busy-ness.  I was thrown off my workout schedule which also changes how hungry I am.  This first few days has alcohol, packaged things, many meals out, and things that are precooked.  WOW, when I say it like that, it makes me feel like there was MAJOR room for improvement on my part!  However, I’d be lying if I said that this type of weekend never pops up.  Having said that, I’m ready to share all the ways I get around the craziness, paleo-style.

Thursday night:

I ordered a salad from Lucchese’s with tomato, grilled chicken, onion, pecans, lettuce, picked around the blue cheese, no dressing (not because you couldn’t, just because I don’t like condiments), kombucha-I had to eat out before teaching class because I didn’t have leftovers to bring with me.

After class, I was leaving the office after 9:30pm and was hungry again, so I ate a piece of the almond flour coffee cake that was leftover


B: piece of leftover coffee cake (still at the office from class), coffee

S: lemon larabar (this is packaged…dried fruit and nuts essentially.  You can find them at Martin’s, Kroger, Amazon, a lot of places)

L: leftover rotisserie chicken w/dehydrated sweet potatoes and plantains (these were from my attempts at using my new dehydrator to make chips….I’m not calling them chips though because they were crunchy as opposed to crispy)

S: last piece of almond flour coffee cake (couldn’t let it get thrown away!)

D: I went out to eat with my mom to Temper Grille.  We had chorizo stuffed chicken which I’m pretty sure had some cheese in it, too. We also had steak bites, lamb pops, green beans w/garlic and onion, 1 1/2 truffles w/a few strawberries, glass of wine….like I told you, I try to avoid certain things at restaurants but  I definitely don’t freak about every ingredient that may be in things.


B: apple

Brunch: 2 pastured eggs w/4 slices pastured bacon, coffee w/grassfed heavy cream (we will talk about this…don’t be freakin’ out!)

S: handful nuts and dates

D: 2 chicken sausages (these are all natural, gluten free, packaged and precooked from Meijer or Martin’s; I consider them a convenience food for those reasons and use them as a go-to if I don’t really have time to cook and have no leftovers on hand…which means not often), spinach and onion, a grapefruit


B: precooked breakfast sausages  (made by the same company as the above mentioned), a banana, coffee

L: plantain chips (you can find these at Martin’s; they are just plantains, palm oil, sea salt and taste like potato chips)

D: 2 chicken sausages (the same precooked, packaged kind I mentioned above), homemade sweet potato fries, kombucha

I want to say, again, that I’m all about being honest with you guys…so I was.  However, this weekend was full of packaged things and eating out.  Granted they were pretty healthy packaged things, but this is NOT the norm, and shouldn’t ever be the norm.   If a patient were to submit this food diary, I would definitely tell them to cut out all the packaged stuff, eat more veggies, up the amount of fermented foods (usually I consume them daily!), and I would poo poo on the fact that nothing this weekend contained homemade broth/stock.  Hopefully you guys did better than I did!

I told you that I would also post a link to the organic CSA that we discussed:  Shares are not yet open to the public for 2013, but will be at the end of January. (This is also where we will be hosting the organic gardening seminar in April!)

I also had someone insist that I post a recipe for deodorant.  I’m not going to lie, this is worth homemaking.  It’s easy, cheap, free of chemicals, and IT WORKS!  I encourage everyone to try it. 😉

Deo for Your BO:

6 Tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot powder

Make sure the coconut oil is soft enough to mix everything in really well.  It may mean that you have to heat it up a bit.  I just use baking soda, but some people find that it is too harsh.  In that case, use the arrowroot as listed in the recipe.   Dip in finger tips and apply to clean armpits.  Let soak in a little before putting on your clothes, which doesn’t take long.

See you guys Thursday night!


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