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February 18, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

What Have I Been Up To? The Perfect Health Diet and Rendering Beef Tallow!


I wanted to write a blog post letting everyone know that I am reading “The Perfect Health Diet.”  I am about halfway through, and the concepts are very similar to that of the Paleo Diet; however, it goes into a lot more depth on the ratios of things to eat.  For example, how much meat SHOULD we be eating?  Better yet, how much protein can we actually use?!  How many carbs should we be consuming? This is where the line gets slightly fuzzy with their concepts because they believe we need pretty substantial carbohydrate amounts and rice is considered a safe starch. I do know a lot of athletes are lacking in the carbohydrate department, and they often will hit a moment of burnout where their workouts start suffering, energy is low, healing is low, etc.  This has a lot to do with building blocks.  Carbs aren’t bad….we need to consider sources and quantities.  These doctors do a magnificent job with their research and recommendations.  So, I will continue to read, form my opinions, and let you know how it all pans out. 😉

On the other hand, I have read tons of articles about the health benefits of beef tallow, which is the fat rendered from beef suet.  I guess McDonald’s used to use tallow when frying their french fries back in the day but has since switched to vegetable oils….bad move on their part.  Beef tallow is a saturated fat, does great for cooking at high temperature, and is supposedly amazing for your skin?!?!

That whole skin idea slightly freaks me out…but…I read many bloggers that I trust posts on using it to tighten their skin, remove wrinkles, etc.  This woman swears by it.  Her post also does an awesome job describing WHY it may be more compatible with our skin properties.

Since March is the month we will be hosting natural skincare options, I knew that the suet could no longer sit in my freezer.  I ordered it about a month ago from the coop that drops of at the office.  It is super cheap! I decided to render the tallow out last night in the crockpot.  Now I have a huge mason jar sitting in my fridge full of organic, grassfed beef tallow waiting for cooking extravaganzas.  I will also be testing it out as a night cream and let everyone know at the end of March if I believe it to be any better than the natural stuff on the market, coconut oil, or plant oils.  I have used them all…and I only speak honestly when it comes to my opinions.  I will have to say though, it gave me a huge jar for a couple dollars!  If it works well, it may be worth the investment (not to mention a good alternative to chemical-heavy, expensive, store-bought varieties.)



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