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April 4, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Organic Gardening Seminar: Grow Free Food!!!


It’s that time again!  Remember how last year I told you that I never wanted to see a zucchini again?  Well, I lied.  I wanna see some zucchini, and tomatoes, and peppers…which means fermenting and baking every Tuesday again!  I have one more lonely loaf of zucchini bread left in the freezer, I am finishing up my pear sauce as we speak, my Italian herb cubes are almost gone, my roasted tomatillo salsa was gone last month, my fermented salsa is down to the last jar, my last bag of frozen strawberries will see it’s smoothie days this week, and I have finally made my red pepper flakes.  So, the sun is coming and that means time for another round of food production!

Since many of you are just starting out with the whole gardening thing, I wanted to host a seminar for you to learn what you need, what grows best, what yields the most, when to plant, and how to do it all ORGANICALLY. Rise Up Farms is a local organic farm on E. Jackson St. in Elkhart.  Last year, I did the CSA and bought 1/2 a share of their production.  This meant that I gave them $300 at the beginning of the summer, and picked up organic, fresh, local produce every Friday for 20 weeks.  This worked out to $15 a week and I had so many veggies that I spent a lot of time preparing them in ways I could freeze them to enjoy throughout the winter. I barely bought anything from the grocery store last summer with the exception of the occasional tropical fruit (we don’t grow bananas in Elkhart, FYI).

Mark April 13th on your calendar!  The is completely free, fun, and informative.  Get a feel for what you would like out of your production this year…maybe that’s simply tomatoes from a pot….but be prepared to ask questions.  We will start at 11am after their yoga class.   RSVP to the office 574-522-2255 so we know how many people to expect for handouts, etc.   Get excited!  For those of you that decide you may want to do the CSA with Rise Up, I will likely be posting what I do with all the produce every week so you, too, can make and freeze stuff for the winter even if you don’t know what the heck to do with some of the things!



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