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April 11, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Bulletproof Coffee



I am still on my vacation posts….oh my, how vacation can lend so much inspiration.  Most of you know how much I love coffee. I really enjoy the taste of quality coffee.  However, many of you may not know that I recently cut way back on my coffee intake.  I was becoming so obsessed with coffee that I was drinking it all day, all night, forgoing water, and not even caring if it was terrible coffee!  So, I still enjoy a cup of joe….every now and again.  Herbal tea has been my drink of choice many mornings now and I only splurge on an amazing cup of coffee if it is quality coffee and I am feeling alert.  It was beginning to give me brain fog.  That was no good.  ;(  I am all about listening to your body.  If you feel “off” after eating something, pay attention!  With a stimulant like coffee, it may just mean cutting back in order to replenish your important adrenal stores, which give you energy and help you cope with stress.  You may even have better workouts!  

Back to why I’m writing this post.  My friend, Jenny, used to be a Starbucks barista, and she owns this cool gadget called an aerolatte.  It’s basically a milk frother.  I don’t eat dairy (but somehow I am competitive enough to eat powder sugar donuts…more on that later), but I do love coconut milk.  The problem with coconut milk is it never really combines in your coffee or tea as nicely as regular milk…until now!  I have been putting coconut milk in my tea and coffee and using this little bad boy and it gives you a nice frothy, creamy head on top of your beverage that makes you feel like it came straight from the barista herself!  

What on earth even made me want one of these in the first place?  I was thinking to myself about how I missed cream in my coffee, and at the same time I was thinking about how butter is made from cream!  Bam….butter in your coffee.  It’s awesome!  When I was doing clinicals in Vietnam, all of their coffee was roasted with butter and it gave it this amazing flavor.  I am not above putting a slab of grassfed butter in my coffee.  When I went searching the internet to see if anyone does this, I found all these people that were talking about “bulletproof coffee.”  They would put coconut oil and butter in their coffee, use a little frother to mix it smooth and create a head.   I had to buy a frother.  I opted for a cheapo off of amazon because I didn’t know how much I would actually use it.  I’ve used it multiple times a day, everyday since it arrived.  They are a couple bucks off of amazon… have to try it….


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