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April 17, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

The Moringa Tree: Paleo-friendly Cafe in Elkhart!

the moringa tree

Many of you who are familiar with the office, know that when we started our search for a female massage therapist, it took forever!!!  Within that interview process, I had the pleasure of interviewing someone by the name of Jenny.  Ultimately, we agreed that with her new business venture, she would not have enough time to massage, as well.  However, since that day, I’ve been waiting for the cafe to open up!  This month, she opened her doors downtown Elkhart (right by the YMCA) for people to come in and grab some healthy options.  When I say “healthy options,” I mean healthy by even my standards!  I have been 3 times in the past week and I want to highlight the reasons her cafe is different from the rest….

1. Her bakery case has veggies in it that you can select for fresh juice.

2. She sells her homemade kombucha and will sell you a starter if you are interested in making your own!

3. She ferments her own sourdough.

4. She uses coconut milk and almond milk for all dairy endeavors, and the coconut milk is homemade.

5. All the water used is filtered via reverse osmosis.

6. Everything is organic.

7. Every “treat” I have seen thus far is gluten-free.

8. She buys her teas loose leaf and makes her own blends on site.

9. The breakfast dishes that include eggs are all pastured, organic.

10. All the sweeteners used are raw, unprocessed sweeteners like honey.

The most important reason I think everyone should at least stop in…..

11. She is setting a standard for her products.  This means you can trust what you are actually getting.

The first day in, I bought some of her kombucha and tried the original moringa smoothie.  It was really good; however, I prefer to chew my food and I’m not a huge fan of powders because I’d rather eat the food.  It tasted amazing though and if you are a smoothie person, this one is a must to try.

The second day in, I got a good ole cup of joe.  It was organic and I had her put coconut milk in for my “creamer.”  Amazing.  I was just talking to friends the other day about how I wished I could get coconut milk in my coffee at starbucks.  I no longer need that accommodation…..I’ll just stop by the Moringa Tree.

The third day, I tried the choffee.  I didn’t make a spelling mistake.  I have been cutting back on coffee, but sometimes I still want the warm cup in my hand to sip on.  She makes her choffee with almond milk, chicory, cocoa nibs, raw honey, and love.  It was sweeter than I like, but it was reminiscent of hot chocolate to me.  I would definitely get it again without any sweetener.

Things on my list to try: the homemade guacamole!

I hope you guys take the plunge to try something on the menu!  Even if it’s just a convenient stop in for coffee with coconut milk. Mmmmmm.



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