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April 25, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Maintaining Youth: How Do You Go to the Bathroom?

squatty potty

Let me just start by saying that I was so excited to get my squatty potty, that I posted about it on the WEEKEND.  So, if you missed it, that’s why.  However, I’m back to let you know how it has been since it arrived….

Let’s first start with the fact that I have spent some time living in Mali, W. Africa.  Do you wanna know the first thing they tell you when you get off the plane and need to use the bathroom?  “Oh yea, in case no one told you, there are no toilets.  You go to the bathroom over a hole in the ground.”  When you are not prepared for this, you are a little stunned at first.  However, when you start considering the rest of the world and how they go to the restroom, you will find that most countries squat!  I won’t go into a ton of detail, but I do want to mention that this is super important in maintaining mobility throughout the years.  The elderly folks in my village could still squat down and get up on their own.  No wheelchairs in sight.  As I see patients in the clinic today that are older, the first thing we work on is getting up and down off the floor and getting up and down out of a chair without pushing off with their arms.  Using your quads and glutes is essential to youthful mobility!

Obviously, in the U.S., we have toilets.  It keeps us from having to use our legs at all.  This is an issue with staying strong, but it also puts our digestive track at a very poor angle.  This ends up in people straining to eliminate.  The squatty potty is simply an prop for your feet to keep them elevated.  This still does not require you to use your legs, but it does put your digestive system at appropriate angles.  I don’t have any bowel issues, so I wasn’t even sure I would notice a difference using the squatty potty.  However, it is DEFINITELY different.  I encourage everyone to look into what the squatty potty can do for them. 😉

Watch this video and see what you are missing out on!



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