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June 3, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Listen Up Ladies! We are talking HORMONES!


I recently finished reading a book called “The Hormone Cure.”  As a doctor, I am constantly reading, learning, and developing for the betterment of my patients.  I was not all that excited about reading about female hormones, how they tie to thyroid and adrenal health, and what that does to a woman, but I read the book anyway.  I have to say that I was so inspired after reading this book that I got on my soapbox about how women need a clinic where they can hash all this out!  A place where they aren’t given antidepressants, hormone replacement, and Synthroid!  Don’t get me started.  I started giving women in the clinic quizzes to get an idea of how they were functioning and how many of these issues might be contributing to them feeling like they weren’t 20 anymore.  Man, I had no idea how badly people are being overlooked.  So, I am dedicating the next few weeks to help women realize how many symptoms may be related to hormonal/adrenal/thyroid issues.

Take a few minutes to take this quiz.  Add up your check marks…..get a total.

Do you have or have you experienced in the past 6 months….

  • A feeling you’re constantly racing from one task to the next?
  • Feeling wired yet tired?
  • A struggle calming down before bedtime, or a second wind that keeps you up late?
  • Difficulty falling asleep or disrupted sleep?
  • A feeling of anxiety or nervousness- can’t stop worrying about things beyond your control?
  • A quickness to feel anger or rage- frequent screaming or yelling?
  • Memory lapses or feeling distracted, especially under duress?
  • Sugar cravings (you need “a little something” after each meal, usually of the chocolate variety)?
  • Increased abdominal circumference, greater than 35 inches (the dreaded abdominal far, or muffin top-not bloating)?
  • Skin conditions such as eczema or thin skin?
  • Bone loss (perhaps your doctor uses scarier terms, such as osteopenia or osteoporosis)?
  • High blood pressure or rapid heartbeat?
  • High blood sugar (maybe your clinician has mentioned the words prediabetes or even diabetes or insulin resistance)? Shakiness between meals, also known as blood sugar instability?
  • Indigestion, ulcers, or GERD?
  • More difficulty recovering from physical injury than in the past?
  • Unexplained pink to purple stretch marks on your belly or back?
  • Irregular menstrual cycles?
  • Decreased fertility?

If you had check marks on several of these questions, it’s probably a good indication that you have high cortisol levels and your adrenal glands are suffering!  I highly encourage you to ask me for an adrenal panel if you feel like this quiz related to you entirely too much!!! This issue is completely fixable and you shouldn’t feel so stressed for any longer than you have to!

Stay tuned for more quizzes to come…..;)


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