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June 12, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Pizza Your Way!


Yesterday was a friend’s birthday and we were celebrating!  Some of my friends came up with the idea of doing a beer exchange/make your own pizza night.  This sounds completely disastrous for me other than it’s a super fun night with friends!  So, they were supplying all of the toppings; they had everything from bell peppers and onions to meats to organic cheese.  I stay pretty strict in the no dairy department…so I made my half without cheese.  I did pile it up though with spinach and peppers, spices, and italian sausage.

Now for the crust.  I have to give a shout out to Jenny at the Moringa Tree for hooking us up.  I knew that she fermented her own sourdough pizza crusts for the cafe, and I thought “What a perfect chance to try them out and share them with everyone?!”  So, I shot her an email and she had the crusts ready for me to pick the day of our party!  Easy as that!  Everyone complimented them and, to be quite frank, that’s probably the only way you were going to get me to eat a pizza crust.  The fermentation process is what predigests the antinutrients and most of the gluten (the reasons I don’t eat grains in the first place!).  This is essential for gut health because probiotics, or good bacteria, make up most of your immune system! I still opt for grain-free eats, but when special occasions come up like this one, I know where I can get the hook up. 😉


I have to give props to Lindsey for making butterscotch bars and paleo pumpkin cheesecake at Matt’s request.  They were both stellar, although my vote was definitely for the pumpkin cheesecake.  Since it’s paleo, it uses cashews instead of cream cheese….check the recipe out at PaleOMG.  Lindsey said it was a breeze to make, and it was well worth the effort!


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