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July 1, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Holiday Cocktails Featuring Your Garden Herbs

chili lime tequila

If you guys are experiencing the rain like my herbs, then you have a ton coming up!  One of my favorite things to do with fresh herbs is feature them in homemade cocktails for parties.  Most of you are preparing for the 4th of July, and I wanted to share these recipes with you in time to get them on the menu!

Last year, I had crazy amounts of jalapenos and I believe I preserved them in every way possible.  I fermented them (which I highly recommend), I stuffed them, I added them to everything, I dried them, and I froze them.  I still have 3 jars of fermented jalapenos, my pantry has a jar of homemade chili flakes, and many of the frozen ones stare up at me every time I open the freezer.

Most paleo folks have heard of a Norcal Margarita which is essentially fresh lime juice, tequila, and soda water.  I wanted to step it up a notch.  Every time I travel to tropical places, there is a spiced margarita on the menu.  I wanted to try one myself.  So, on my way home from the gym one day (in a brutal storm to be exact), I picked up a bottle of clear tequila.  When I got home, I cut 2 of my frozen jalapenos in half, stripped a few sections of lime zest and poured it all into a mason jar to sit on the counter for 1-2 days.  After day one, enough spice for me!  I took out the jalapenos and lime rind; voila, chili infused tequila.

Spicy Margarita

juice from a lime or lemon

1 shot of Grand Marnier

1 1/2 shots of chili-infused tequila

splash of homemade limeade (or store bought…just not quite as natural…but a time-saver none the less)

*instead of limeade, you could also use fresh pineapple juice or mango puree, and I have even used flavored Kombucha with great success!

Pour over ice, and get ready for this year’s crop of chili’s!  I plan on making this with fresh juiced pineapple for the 4th.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Strawberry Basil Heaven

6 basil leaves

couple splashes of Grand Marnier

1- 1 1/2 shots of clear tequila or rum

4 strawberries, halved

limemade to top off

Muddle the basil leaves with a splash of Grand Marnier and add to the glass.  Fill with ice and add the rest of the ingredients!

Mint Julep

6 mint leaves

1 shot of whiskey

limeade to top off

Muddle the mint leaves with a splash of whiskey.  Add to the glass.  Add ice.  Pour remaining ingredients over.

*see my homemade lemonade recipe in the beverage section to get a recipe for limeade…just use limes!


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