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July 11, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Ice Cream Revealed

dairy queen facts

I had a friend come up to me at the gym the other night and say “Hey, you research stuff about food.  Dairy Queen.  Should I be letting my kids eat this?”  Most of you are probably laughing right now because why on Earth would Dr. Angela say “yes” to Dairy Queen?!   Well, she asked for a good reason!  Her thought process was that if she received a birthday card from me with a sticker that treats her to a free cone then surely I must approve!  If any of you have gotten birthday cards lately, they don’t have stickers from me anymore. 😉  We have had very gracious patients in the past allow us to send out “free cones” with our birthday cards; however, it has been a catch 22 in the healthy department.  Maybe one day I can get the Moringa Tree to donate a free organic juice!  Until then, take a look at what is in a Dairy Queen ice cream cone and make the decision if you should have it or not.  Originally, I had told her that I had no clue what they put in their ice cream.  In full Dr. Angela style, I had to look it up.  Now I know….and I can still say that I do not recommend it. 😉

*Update: You will now be getting discounts on superfood smoothies and raw, organic juice at Moringa Tree!


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