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July 25, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Speaking Engagements=Education

for tomorrow

I can’t believe that we are already approaching August.  It seems like 2013 rolled in last month!  Here at the office, that means getting prepared for the next year’s event calendar!  That’s right; this year we did everything from Dine w/Your DC and Condition w/the Chiro to new topics like gardening, cooking, and homemade beauty products.  I listen to you guys when it comes to interest; so if there’s something you would really love to learn more about, let me know!  The next couple of months will be the perfect time to create those new and exciting experiences for the year to come.

On that same note, I always do speaking engagements on health and wellness because part of my mission as a doctor is education.  I think educating people arms them with knowledge that allows them to CHANGE their life.  It is never ok to do something because “Dr. Angela told me to.”  I want people to start asking questions, starting UNDERSTANDING how their body works, start LEARNING about health in order to take charge of their own journey.  Just because I do something, doesn’t mean my family, my patients, or colleagues have to.  However, if someone has an alternative, I want them to be able to actually explain why they choose that path. I am simply a guide, a coach, an ally on YOUR journey.  Believe it or not, I have actually helped people along their nutrition journey despite them not wanting to follow my guidelines. Can you see me sitting across from a vegetarian?!  Well, believe it! It’s not about what I make someone do, it’s about what works for them. There is so much media and misinformation out there that sometimes people just do whatever they are told on Dr. Oz, or what they heard on the radio, or what their MD told them.  I’m begging you to start asking questions.  Asking questions can lead to answers that allow you to make informed decisions about your life.  SO…..if you are a part of any organization that would enjoy a presentation on health and wellness, let me know.  I have had the privilege of speaking with groups that range from Rotary to hospitals.  I thoroughly enjoy each and every presentation I give, and I can’t think of a better way to serve the public and reach as many people as possible than a simple hour of educating info.  When I was in chiropractic school, I decided that “educating the masses” was part of my mission to leave a footprint on Earth.  That has not changed one bit, and I want it to continue into 2014.  Call the office 574-522-2255 to get more info for a presentation that could change your life!!


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