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August 29, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Lurong Challenge Recipes on the Horizon!


Alright guys. I know that your Lurong Paleo Challenge is around the corner.  Some of you are excited and some of you are terrified.  Terrified of giving up habitual foods….

Most of you know that I eat this way all the time (with the exception of butter and kombucha), so I decided to make it easy on you.  I’m going to have a category on the blog of that is recipes that are Lurong-friendly.  I will cover the bases from breakfast to snacks and back to desserts.  However, I want to make a disclaimer here; you should be eating whole food!  That means fruits, veggies, and meats mostly!  However, people don’t usually have issues coming up with ways to make meat.  So, most of you are going to be running into issues with that sweet tooth that just needs “a little something” or the snack attack that happens on occasion.  Therefore, I am going to try my best to post as many options as possible for these two pertinent times!  There are many stipulations to the rules and I will try my best to comply!  I have read all the rules and will post the recipes as I would interpret being “clean,” but if someone finds that I am using something that does not fit in the rules, please call me out in the comments section!

There are a couple other websites you can go to for resources, as well. (the recipe link are at the bottom of the page)

The sites above are for a sugar detox but are not necessarily lurong compliant in every way so make sure to read the ingredients!

I want to end this post with a few things you may want to buy in anticipation for the upcoming weeks that you may not have already in the pantry….

Various nuts (raw)

Shredded coconut (unsweetened)

Dates (unsulfured)

Coconut butter

Coconut milk

Almond butter (only almonds)

Sunflower seed butter (only sunflower seeds)

Almond flour

Coconut flour

Coconut sugar

Jicama (root veggie that looks like a brown ball.  You’ll find it in the produce section and you will be using it as your “chip” for various dips.)

As you can tell, there are a lot of coconut products on the list.  This will be the bulk of what is used in “treats” because it is a healthy fat, and it will ensure you are not overdosing on nuts.  Most of you want to see body composition changes, so stay clear of eating nuts all day long!

Get ready, folks!


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