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September 26, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

CSA Week 17: Roasted Turnips, Carrots, Apple, and Onion

roasted root vegWeek 17 Bounty:

21 tomatoes

11 carrots

bunch of kale

handful broccoli

1 jalapeno

2 onions

1 head garlic

1 turnip



salad mix

1 leek

1 head Chinese cabbage

(I exchanged my herbs and salad for more turnips)

Roasted root veggies are not new to the scene.  However, most people don’t think about adding amazing apples to the mix when fall rolls around!

Chop your turnips, carrots, onions and apples into 1 inch cubes. Throw on a few garlic cloves in their skin.  Smother in some type of high-heat cooking fat (I used ghee, but you could use bacon grease, schmaltz, tallow, coconut oil, etc.).  Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Remove garlic from the skin.  Serve alongside your favorite protein!



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