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October 4, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

New Food Ideas for Traveling

Krave Jerky: I found this one day at Meijer when I was walking through the aisles just checking out what stuff was available.  I do this every so often so I can keep my patients informed on things they may be able to pick up at the store if they don’t have time to homemake them (or maybe the healthfood store is one more inconvenient trip).  I don’t like jerky.  However, the flavors that this company was offering had me interested.  Then, the package proceeded to tell me there was no artificial junk in it…nitrites, MSG, gluten, etc.  The ingredient list checked out, too.  With the exception of some evaporated cane juice and the fact that the meat is not pastured, it’s a homerun!  I tasted the Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky first.  So good.  This is my recommendation:  There are more ideal sources of grassfed, no sugar, jerkies out there but you are going to have to order them most likely.  If you are in a pinch and need to pick up something for your kids to snack on or a roadtrip, they are Dr. Angela approved.

Go Raw Super Cookies:  I have no problem making cookies that are healthy at home.  However, a few weekends ago, I was heading out to Iowa to visit some friends and I really just wanted to grab some snacks for the car since stopping at a fast food joint was not on my agenda.  At Whole Foods, I found some “cookies” by Go Raw.  These cookies are like little crispy discs of goodness.  The cool thing about these cookies are that all the nuts and seeds are sprouted.  If you’ve heard any of my nutrition talks before, you are aware that grains and beans can be soaked and sprouted and safely consumed if you are willing to take the time.  Same thing goes for nuts and seeds.  The fact that they take that extra step means you may pay a little extra for them, but they are healthy and easily digestible!

The few extra bucks I spend on travel food is well worth it in the starvation and guilt department.  Either I am starving because there is nothing I can eat or I feel guilty about eating something that I know is completely toxic to my body.  So…spend your money wisely, and eat your healthy snacks, guilt-free.Go Raw Lemon Super Cookies

KeVita (fermented coconut water): I love kombucha, but some people can’t get past the fermented flavor.  My answer to that is to try some fermented coconut water.  It is quite refreshing, it has bubbles due to the fermentation process, and it can really hit the spot when you are wanting something other than water.  I get mine at Whole Foods and they are actually cheaper than Kombucha.  Good probiotics in a good-tasting beverage leaves you no excuses not to!


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