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October 14, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

3 HUGE Reasons You Should Place a Farm Order

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Most of you understand the importance of eating meat that is organic, pastured and minimally processed.  If you don’t…where have you been?!  No one wants to eat meat from a sick cow.  When I say that, the first thing that comes to my mind is “poor cow.”  I love animals despite the fact that I eat them; therefore, I gladly let my dollars support the appropriate treatment of animals even if they are going to end up on my plate.  I consider it sort of like a donation to a good cause or maybe a vote that can make a change.  Anyway, the other side to that statement is who wants to eat meat that came from a sick, infected animal?!  Nasty!  I guess I’m trying to say that the obvious reason to order meat from a farm using good practices is because it is obviously better quality, the animals live happily, and it’s ultimately the best for you.

There are more reasons to consider placing an order from the farm, though.

1. Broth: I talk a lot about the minerals and joint healing properties of bone broths but I’m not sure how many people take me seriously and actually make it for themselves.  If you are one of those people that “gets it” but doesn’t have time for it (which is a cop out when it’s done in the crockpot!), then consider having someone else do it for you!  Fry farms makes broth and will drop it off at the office for you to pick up!  How easy is that?!  No excuses not to be consuming one of nature’s most important foods. (if you don’t want the premade broth, you can order the bones to do it yourself.)

2.  Coconut Flour: If you follow my blog, you know that I prefer coconut flour baking because of the amount of omega 6 fatty acids present In the amount of almond flour in some baked goods.  For $4.50/lb, you can’t beat it.

3. Raw Dairy: If you are consuming dairy products, you have to get on board with raw dairy.  I don’t advocate dairy for most people, but for those that can tolerate it, raw is where it’s at!  It comes from grassfed cows (so they are healthy), it is not pasteurized, so it still contains all the worthwhile enzymes and nutrients, and it is not homogenized, which means the cream rises to the top!  They have everything from milk and cheese to homemade yogurts and goat milk products.  You cannot find raw milk products in any retailer because it is illegal in the US to sell it without it being pasteurized.  So, pick up the good stuff and your body will thank you! is where you can place orders.  Our next pick up is Monday the 21st, 5:30pm at the office!


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