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October 30, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Massage: Why Everyone Should Consider it to be More Than a Luxury!

I recommend that everyone get a monthly massage for many reasons, but I am not sure how many people understand the true benefit.  Sometimes, people understand the benefit but somehow see that benefit as a luxury.  I am going to straighten that puppy out right now! Massage not only helps muscle tension and relaxation, it also drives lymphatic drainage.  That means it helps flush out toxins in addition to breaking up adhesions that are present within a muscle.  I cannot tell you enough how much the body awareness that massage brings benefits your ability to handle stress in such a big way.  Stress is our silent killer, and one massage a month is not a luxury….it’s necessity!

Anyway, this brings me to the reason I am telling you all to implement massage into your wellness routine.  One of our massage therapists, Dorian, is going to start guest posting on the blog!  I always hit you up with recipes and nutrition info that we may not be able to cover in a chiro appointment, but that doesn’t leave me much room to touch on massage.  That’s where she comes in.  So, look for her first guest post coming soon!massage


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  1. jkattau / Oct 30 2013 8:36 pm

    Dorian is a terrific massage therapist. I highly recommend her. I could also tell a long story about how massage helped my mother’s ‘elephant legs’ when no MD could help her. You’d have to ask to hear it.

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