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November 8, 2013 / dorianyoder

The Art of Relaxation

imageI feel like I am chasing turkeys and tails today. It has been the craziest day. My daughter closes on her new house today after living with me with a two year old, my husband has worked in excess of 70 hours this week on a year long project, I had a meeting for the Turkey Stampede today at lunch, and while waiting at the Moranga Tree while my car got some repairs they called to say they ordered the wrong windshield and they cannot fix it today.Here I sit at the Moranga Tree cafe wishing I was getting a nice long relaxing massage instead of what my afternoon really holds,carrying boxes into a garage. Yes people, this post is about a relaxation massage. This type of massage is what is refered to as ” the luxury massage” but it’s benefits outweigh it’s name by far. However, it is what it is…It’s primary purpose is to help you relax. When you have things that pile up and you feel like you need to escape, this is my number one place to be. This type of massage is much slower and light pressured and the main goal is to workout the knots and escape lifes’ stress (no one has those, right?) at least for an hour…if you’re lucky 1.5. The benefits are amazing. Technically, it stimulates your bodys’ lymphatic system to carry out toxins, improves your circulation and calms your nervous system….but DANG IT….non technically…it feels amazing….Relaxation massage can make you feel like you have been transported out of your body to ” the land of relaxation”…okay… maybe a little corny…but true….so next time you are feeling lifes’ stresses call and get a massage… will never regret it.


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  1. jkattau / Nov 8 2013 5:26 pm

    Great massages AND a terrific writer??? Who knew?

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