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November 18, 2013 / dorianyoder

Massage in later years


I always tell people I feel old, but I honestly don’t. If I was really the age that my brain tells me I am, I’d chuck it all, move to California and live a crazy, fun-loving life. Reality is….my age does not reflect my health. I love cycling. Anyone who knows me knows that I love more than any healthy activity, riding my bike because it gives me the most joy. I rode in a 300 mile charity ride last summer,  4 months after I bought my first bicycle….believe me , I doubted I could do it at first but with encouragement and riding practice from friends, I rode 230 miles of 300.

I attribute my health and being able to do things that some other women can’t do to the fact that I am active, I eat pretty well and I take care of my body, like getting regular massages.

Now I am not saying I am elderly, but I will be one day and I know the benefits of my massages will help me physically as well as mentally. The massages I get now are pretty deep, but as I do get older the level of pressure will change. It will be more geared to gentler strokes, light pressure and long relaxing movements. Light static stretching can increase range of motion, strengthen muscles and induces better sleep.

Effects of aging take place faster in people with a lack of mental stimulation and engage in very little physical activity.  Regular massage in later years has shown to be a good alternative for minor pain versus medication.  What a great gift idea for your parents or grandparents.


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