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December 13, 2013 / amberwoodterracechiro

Healthcare Changes and the Pursuit of Wellness



As most of you are aware, there are going to be some healthcare (or sickcare) changes coming our way soon.  No one really knows what that will look like once the transition is over.  However, I was reading an old book that I bought just out of chiropractic school.  I forget how powerful wellness concepts can be, and I often fail at trying to get the message out as much as possible.  I wanted to share a paragraph with you from the book;  I think it is essential food for thought, and I would be depriving you by not sharing….

“…if all drugs and surgeries were free and unlimited, would we be a more well society?  Futhermore, does anyone actually believe that the millions of people that will die of cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, etc, this year will only die if they forget to take their drugs?  The reality is that millions upon millions of people in Industrial Society will die this year while taking their prescription drugs.  Shamefully, these people will die of illness caused by lifestyle choice; they will die of preventable illness.  They will die having the symptoms of poor lifestyle being treated with drugs and the cause of their problem will never be addressed….” Chestnut

Wellness is all about restoring and maintaining health.  It is about creating sufficiency and removing toxicity.  I always tell people in my health lectures that often times unhealthy choices are unhealthy because of a 2-fold problem:  1. You introduce toxicity….2.  You deprive yourself of the building blocks that create sufficiency!  For example, when someone chooses to eat a candy bar on break, they are not only eating something that has unhealthy ramifications, they are also DEPRIVING themselves of the nutrients(vitamins, water, fiber, etc.) they could get from eating a vegetable or fruit instead.  I’d be happy if I could get those candy bar-loving folks to just eat both!

Changing behavior means changing a value system.  This is the most difficult, yet rewarding, thing you can do for yourself.  I am grateful for all of my patients’ healthy choices.  Everyday, you have hundreds of choices that can move you towards health or towards illness.  I look forward to the changes in healthcare for the sole fact that I am hopeful it will get people thinking about the paradigm we currently embrace as “healthcare.”



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  1. Brandy / Dec 14 2013 12:17 pm

    Reading this makes me want to say Thank You, again, for all the changes you’ve helped me make.

    • drangelalucterhand / Dec 16 2013 5:51 pm

      No problem. 😉 I’m passionate about what I do and love every opportunity to be a compass in someone’s health journey!

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