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January 8, 2014 / dorianyoder

Athletes….A breed of their own

imageCyclist, Triathletes, cross fitters, marathoners..people looking from the outside looking in think they are crazy people. They train, they watch their diet, they train, they go to work, they train…’s a lifestyle….like any other life style. These people….these ” so-called crazy ” people…..are why I do what I do.

Have you ever had a goal? Something you have strived for and end result? Athletes do not know what that is…it starts out running to lose some weight or you’re running a marathon. You buy a bike and next thing you know your friend talks you into 3 day cycling trip. (thanks Amy) you visit a crossfit in your area and suddenly your friends think you have joined a cult…..truth is all these people are crazy…crazy about being healthy, pushing their bodies to the limit and sometimes these people fall off their bike, push themselves harder to lift more weight or run further each day.

Athletes, more than anyone, need to keep their bodies in prime condition with chiropractic, massage and sleep…lotsa sleep.

This brings us to my passion. Why I love my job.  Sports massage. Athletes, as much as anyone, need sports massage. It increases your endurance, eliminates toxins to keep your body running efficiently, and feels amazing after a great workout or training session.  Sports massage consists of stretching, elongating, deep tissue and sometimes not deep tissue depending on where you are in your training. An educated Sports Therapist is essential from the weekend marathoner to the pro golfer. We can provide you with all the tools to keep your body running in tip top shape for the sport that you love……so if you are not getting regular massages sports enthusiests, its time you should. It could make a world of difference.


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