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January 10, 2014 / amberwoodterracechiro

Up To My Knees in Kefir Water!

kevitaI am weird.  I like trying to figure out how things are made. So, I attempt to make them myself.  I have been drinking kombucha for a very long time now.  However, at some point I ran into fermented coconut water.  It is much more approachable than kombucha because the vinegar-y taste isn’t so pronounced….actually not there at all!  I toyed with the idea of making kombucha over and over until I decided securing a scoby and making tea, yada yada was just too much work.  When I thought about kefir water, I thought: “How hard can that be?!  It’s just this packet of fermenting pebbles in sugar water!”  So, I got some kefir grains from the health food store and have begun to make kefir water.  I had no idea….at all….HOW MUCH kefir water I would be producing!  I am getting around 2 quarts of kefir water every 2 days!  Can I possibly even drink that much?!  I don’t think so.  BUT, I still want to play with flavors and find one that I absolutely love and am addicted to.  So, I will continue to stock my fridge with probiotic goodness until I find the best flavor known to man.  Then I will share the recipe with you.  I think you should go to Whole Foods or the Moringa Tree and try a KeVita.  If you like it, you may want to try making your own!  I always preach that people should have probiotic rich foods everyday, but very few people follow through with it.  This could be your answer.  I’m no expert at making it yet, but I haven’t screwed up a batch yet!


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