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January 21, 2014 / dorianyoder

Trigger Points…What are they?

imageTrigger points are tiny knots that develop in the muscle when it is overworked. They can cause joint pain,headaches, low back pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, and many other pains. Trained therapists in trigger point therapy can relieve muscular pain and dysfunction by using pressure on the trigger point until it disappears or decreases in size. Applying pressure to these points can refer pain to specific other areas making it difficult for the patient and medical doctors , who do no embrace trigger point therapy theory to diagnose certain pains correctly. Many times I see patience that come in and say they have had hip pain or carpal tunnel symptoms for months and have seeked other treatments but none have worked. The word trigger point is common to the massage and chiropractic community so why not seek out natural therapy for your pain. Chances are a trigger point is the underlying problem.


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