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February 6, 2014 / amberwoodterracechiro

Should Humans Eat Meat?

meatWell guys, I told you a while back that I got a few books to read over Christmas.  One of those books was Death By Food Pyramid.  It is not a book on what you should eat, menu plans, etc.  It is a book on how the food pyramid came about, how politics may have changed scientific recommendation, who left their positions because of the unethical tactics, and how to decipher which studies have actually given us GOOD info about food.  As a researcher at heart, I loved this book.  The entire time I was reading it, I was saying “that is what I have been trying to tell patients!”  We hear so much stuff on tv, radio, and from friends that these days, health info is confusing!

One question I have always asked myself (despite eating meat my whole life) is whether or not meat is actually good for us! If so, how much should we consume?  Are there certain people that digest it better and that’s why some people feel terrible when they eat meat?  These questions have always been in the back of my mind when reading research, etc.  Could I handle the truth if I found out that meat was going to kill me?  Would I be able to give it up?

I do have all the answers to these questions believe it or not…but finding answers and deciding what was accurate info was an arduous task.  These are the kinds of things I hope everyone will ask themselves at some point!  These are answers that I hope to talk about in book club!  This is the kind of stuff that goes through my head everyday….

If you want answers….book club may be right for you!  Book club is going to be a forum to ask questions, throw around ideas and experiences, and decipher what makes sense to you!

RSVP for the viewing party if you haven’t already!


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